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The Native Staking Infrastructure on Mint Blockchain

Staking: 0/10,000

Staking Rules and Earnings Explanation

MintID NFT Staking Rules:

1. MintID holders can actively participate in staking by locking one or multiple MintID NFTs simultaneously.
2. Once locked, users cannot withdraw until they receive the $MINT airdrop reward.
3. Staking is necessary for MintID NFT holders to qualify for the $MINT airdrop reward.
4. MintID holders must participate in staking before the $MINT airdrop claiming portal opens.
5. Don't worry about forgetting to stake in advance; failing to do so won't cause you to lose the $MINT airdrop reward. Just remember to stake before claiming the airdrop.

MintID NFT Staking Earnings:

1. Locking MintID NFTs enables you to secure the $MINT airdrop reward.
2. Locking MintID NFTs early allows you to earn additional Mint Energy (ME) rewards during the Mint Forest event! Each locked MintID NFT earns an extra Mystery "Staking Box" every week, containing a random amount of Mint Energy (ME) between 500 to 5,000. This gives you an edge in the Mint Forest event!

About MintPool

MintPool is the native staking infrastructure launched by the Mint Blockchain. MintPool supports staking services for MintID NFT, $ETH, and $MINT assets. MintPool provides validator node services for the Ethereum and Mint Blockchain.